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The PROACT Support website offers a comprehensive list of instructions across our entire range

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AAGBI - The Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland

BAREMA - Trade Association for Anaesthetic & Respiratory Equipment

DAS - Difficult Airway Society

PETO - Marketplace for Business to NHS Markets

NPC Code Index - A comprehensive list of the NPC codes relating to our products in the NHS Supply Chain Catalogue


Charities We Support

Overseas Plastic Surgery Appeal (OPSA) - UK based charity dedicated to providing reconstructive surgery for babies and young children in third world countries

Go Zambia - Initiative led by Professor Judith Hall, Head of Department of Anaesthesia at Cardiff University, raising funds on behalf of the charity, Mothers of Africa with the primary goal of reducing child mortality, improving maternal health and achieving universal primary education.

Soi Dog Foundation - Registered charitable organisation in the UK, dedicated to helping the homeless, neglected and abused cats and dogs of Thailand.

Hand in Hand with Syria - A UK registered charity with the aim to provide medical and humanitarian assitance to civilians affected by the Syrian uprising in 2011

Facing Africa - Facing Africa currently funds two teams of highly skilled and experienced volunteer surgeons from the UK, Germany, France and Holland to Ethiopia each year to perform complex facial reconstructive surgery on the victims of the disease Noma.


Educational Information

Clinical Use Of Pulse Oximetry - Product Reference 2010


Nonin 3150 WristOx USB Driver

Nonin 3150 WristOx USB Driver

Trust Nonin Oximeters Even For Your Sickest Patients - An Oximeter comparison study of healthy subjects in an independent hypoxia lab simulating the symptoms of COPD patients - Download Brochure


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