It is vital when taking measurements from children that you are using a Pulse Oximeter that you trust, and the importance of an accurate fit with regards to an accurate reading is highly important when making your decision.

Nonin's ONYX range utilises a Signal Quality Indicator that clearly highlights if the finger placement is correct, green is good.

This method has proven to be more reliable than relying on a standard Plethysmographic waverform.



We believe that using Nonin oximeters is the only way to ensure you're getting clinically proven SpO2 accuracy, consistency and reliability in the widest range of patients and settings. Containing PureLight and PureSAT technology, Nonin Pulse Oximeters offer leading edge precision when compared to other SpO2 manufacturers and against ALL of its major competitors according to several independent studies. Exceptionally accurate, from light skin to dark skin, neonates to adults, with low motion and in low perfusion scenarios, Nonin pulse oximetry systems are uncompromising.

Nonin PureSAT technology automatically adjusts to each patient's condition with three second averaging or less for quick, reliable readings on adult, paediatric, infant and neonate patients.


Nonin pulse oximeters are scientifically proven to be accurate in the most challenging of cases. In an independent study conducted by Clinimark Clinical Testing & Validation Services, three finger pulse oximeters and one tabletop pulse oximeter were attached to a subject and for the first minute, a commercially available re-breather was used to induce hypoxia.

As the chart below/across illustrates only the Nonin Onyx and Nellcorâ„¢ pulse oximeters were found to have superior accuracy, correctly tracking the subject's de-saturation down to 81-82% SpO2, and back up to 96% SpO2.


Nonin demonstrates superior accuracy in the most challenging conditions, such as dark skin pigmentation. See the study of the effects of oximeter probe type by John Feiner, et al. Anaesthesia & Analgesia, December, 2007 for the full results.

The removal of noise artefact is crucial to an oximeter's ability to accurately assess SpO2 in low perfusion.

Comparison of Nonin's PureSAT technology vs conventional oximetry during a patient movement event. PureSAT's next generation signal processing locates the true pulse in motion. See here for the full study

PROACT are so confident of the reliability and durability of the Nonin Oximeter professional range* that in 2009 we started offering a unique 5 year ‘drop inclusive’ warranty on Nonin finger and hand held oximeters. We are STILL the only company to do this! The video below demonstrates a variety of oximeters being dropped from the same height.

Download 5 Year Drop Warranty Brochure

* Applies to Nonin 9590, 9550, 8500 and 2500 series


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