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A&D UA-704 Semi Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with Standard Adult Cuff

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The A&D UA-704 blood pressure monitor is designed with comfort and accuracy in mind.


Product includes A&D Semi Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor, Standard Adult Cuff and AA battery

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With a simple one-button operation and manual inflation using the bulb included with the monitor, taking a reading couldn’t be easier. Just fit the cuff to your arm as detailed in the instructions and press the button firmly. Then sit comfortably and let the monitor guide you through the process. The irregular heartbeat indicator will warn you if there is a potential arrhythmia – if there is any concern, please see your doctor to investigate further.

Monitoring your blood pressure can help identify such health issues as heart disease, as well as the risk of stroke or heart attack. 

Reviews for A&D UA-704 Semi Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with Standard Adult Cuff


The product arrived exactly as promised and within the one hour timeslot I was given.
The instructions were clear and concise and made operating the monitor a breeze.
Excellent service and an excellent product.
This is a 5 Star review but my phone only allowed me to highlight 4 stars!

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As an anaesthetist giving sedation in Dental practices, I wanted to upgrade my monitoring to include capnography. I received excellent advice from PROACT Medical and purchased a Creative PC-900B. I am so pleased with it. It’s small and compact to carry around and so easy to use. Thank you, PROACT.

Dr Rex Yetton

Our PROACT Rep is always responsive and flexible with our training requests meets our Trust requirements for training and new device implementations also friendly, and effective.

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