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A&D UA - 767S Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

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The UA-767S is the successor of the UA-767 series and sets the standard for personal use.

This monitor is easy to use and features the %IHB function with memory upgraded to 60 readings.

The frequency of IHB (Irregular Heart Beat) detection is divided into different grades and shown by icons.

You can see how often IHB has been detected (indicating the level of risk). If the grade is high, you should consult a doctor immediately.

This %IHB function is not to be used for diagnosis, but for monitoring purposes only.

The new SlimFit cuffs are made entirely latex-free and metal-free to reduce irritation for users.

The UA-767S comes with an Adult cuff (for 22-32cm arms) as standard. Other cuff sizes are available in the Related Products below.

To help achieve accurate blood pressure measurement, A&D monitors come with Cuff Fit and Movement Error indicators which light up when the cuff is applied too loosely or the user is moving, both of which can impact on the accuracy of the readings.

With a 60 reading memory capacity, the UA-767S provides an average of readings to try to eliminate the effect of anomalous measurements.

This is useful because blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day, for example, after eating, exercise or smoking.

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As an anaesthetist giving sedation in Dental practices, I wanted to upgrade my monitoring to include capnography. I received excellent advice from PROACT Medical and purchased a Creative PC-900B. I am so pleased with it. It’s small and compact to carry around and so easy to use. Thank you, PROACT.

Dr Rex Yetton

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