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PROACT Combi™ 'All in One' Laryngoscope Range

PROACT Conventional Laryngoscope Range

PROACT Green System Laryngoscope Range

PC-3000 Multi-Parameter Monitor

Jumper Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer.

Berrcom Non-Contact Thermometer

How to use the ToxCO

Detect Carbon Monoxide Poisoning with the ToxCO

PROACT CPR Pocket Facemask

The PC-900V Veterinary Capnography Device

How to use your PC-900B Capnograph & Pulse Oximeter

Not all Oximeters perform alike!

Nonin Onyx3 with Respiratory Rate

The Nonin Onyx Vantage 9590

Nonin WristOx2 3150BLE

Nonin PalmSAT 2500/2500A

Nonin Connect Elite 3240

Nonin PureLight Sensors

Nonin 7500 / 7500FO (Fibre Optic) Tabletop Pulse Oximeter

The Advantage of Nonin's Onyx Vantage

Nonin Onyx - Water Test

Nonin WristOx2

Nonin 8000 Soft Reusable Pulse Ox Sensors

PC-60B1 Finger Pulse Oximeters

Creative PC-60FW Finger Pulse Oximeter

Creative PC-60E Finger Pulse Oximeter

A&D UA-767S Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

PROACT 3 Cuff Kit.

PROACT 5 Cuff Kit.

Spirit Sprague Rappaport Sethoscopes

PROACT Swiff II Paramedic Kit Bag

PRO-Breathe Range

As an anaesthetist giving sedation in Dental practices, I wanted to upgrade my monitoring to include capnography. I received excellent advice from PROACT Medical and purchased a Creative PC-900B. I am so pleased with it. It’s small and compact to carry around and so easy to use. Thank you, PROACT.

Dr Rex Yetton

Our PROACT Rep is always responsive and flexible with our training requests meets our Trust requirements for training and new device implementations also friendly, and effective.

J.B -  Medical Training.