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31st of March 2014 - PROACT wish a happy retirement to Peter Birch

Peter Birch took on the role of Service Manager in March 2003. Peter has been instrumental in building the good reputation of PROACT Services and growing the business. We wish Peter a happy and fulfilling retirement and he will be greatly missed.

Tony Runnicles has assisted Peter for the past 10 years and will be taking over as Service Manger. PROACT are also pleased to welcome on board, Mike Osbourne as Deputy Service Manager.

Our Services Team provide a fast response service for preventative maintenance and repairs for anaesthetic machines and sterilisers for customers all over the Country. All of our engineers are fully certified to City & Guilds Level 3 for the Inspection and Testing of Electrical Appliances.

5th March 2014 - PROACT Medical are pleased to be exhibiting at the EBME Seminar once again.

Please visit our stand at EBME on the 1st of May 2014 for a demonstration of the SimSlim, the latest multi-parameter Patient Simulator from Pronk Technologies in the USA.

This compact unit offers the most comprehensive range of simulations available (a total of 50 ECG, cardiac output, respiration, IBP and temperature outputs) for a device of its size.  Like all Pronk products, the SimSlim has been drop tested 50 times and is designed, with the technician in mind, to offer a superior battery life in a portable form. Mix and match kit options are available so you can select the combination of Pronk Simulators that best meet your requirements and have them supplied in a handy carry bag.

Made from specially selected grade materials, Bridge Sensors are latex free and conform to the biocompatibility standards of the medical industry. High quality electronically matched optics ensure full compatibility with the original manufactures’ monitors. Visit our stand for a free of charge sensor compatibility chart.

After distributing Nonin Pulse Oximetry products in the UK for 15 years, we are so confident of their reliability and durability that we now offer a unique 5 year ‘drop inclusive warranty’ on all finger and hand held oximeters. In addition to the standard warranty, this also covers the unlikely event of failure after being dropped from a standard operating height (around 1m).

To see just how durable Nonin Oximeters are, visit here to watch videos of other oximeters falling apart under ISO 9919 drop testing conditions whilst Nonin’s continue to operate.

Visit stand A8 to run these tests for yourself!

4th February 2014 - New PROACT 2014 Medical & EMS Catalogue - Out Now

PROACT are pleased to announce that our new 2014 UK Medical & EMS catalogue is now available with the focus on high quality products at value for money prices.

With easy to use colour coded sections, it introduces many new products which have been incorporated into our already extensive range and contains as many price reductions as possible.

New for this year:

  • New Telehealth and Multi Parameter section
  • Nasoflo, Nasopharyngeal Airway Device

With a huge selection of PROACT products available through NHS Supply Chain, the PROACT 2014 catalogue also features a user friendly NHS Supply Chain NPC code index to make ordering easy.

For a free of charge hard copy, please contact a member of our Customer Service Team on 01536 461981 or download here.

20th January 2014 - PROACT at AAGBI - WSM 2014

PROACT have been busy with exhibitions recently and had a great time at WSM, London last week. WSM London was a very well attended show and Intubrite's innovative Video Laryngoscope System continued to pull in the crowds at our stand. The IntuBrite VLS kits offer a variety of near high definition screens with flexible mounting options and blades with the patented combination of white/UV LEDs for enhanced airway illumination and anatomical definition. Click here for an idea of the view that can be obtained or here to view the VLS product brochure.

Also presented at our stand was the new innovative Naso-Flo, Nasopharyngeal Airway Device.  The device delivers direct O2 with precision CO2 detection.  Connecting directly to the oxygen tube via the oxygen port the device reduces the need for the use of a mask. Manufactured from silicone, the Naso-Flo eliminates and reduces traumatic insertions. The device comes with an oxygen port and large elbow connector which prevents the Naso-Flo slipping back into lower airway.

We're very much looking forward to the rest of the shows that we have lined up for the year and hope that you can make it along to some of them! Keep checking our Events page for further details and follow us on Twitter for event announcements.


4th November 2013 - Changes to PROACT's Accu-Pro Pressure Infuson Bags

PROACT Medical Ltd are pleased to announce that the new Accu-Pro Reposable Pressure Infusion Bag (PIB) is now available at a new low price. Available in 3 Litre, 1 Litre and Half Litre sizes the new PIB’s are only suitable for use as a Disposable product AND/OR as a Reposable product which offering maximum savings via multi-patient use (up to 20 x) when cleaned as per IFU’s.

The Accu-Pro Reposable Pressure Infusion Bag offers ease of use and is constructed from durable nylon and latex free rubber. The product offers single handed IV Pole attachment and the see through mesh material allows for a clear view of fluid level and labelling. The built-in pressure guage offers a colour coded pressure indicator that can be checked with just a glance.

A larger, more durable, inflation bulb has been added to the bags in response to feedback. The Inflation Tap is located close to the inflation bulb allowing for one handed inflation and deflation giving real ease of use.   

Available on NHS Supply Chain with the lowest prices on the Framework Contract – please contact PROACT for NPC Codes.

With the aim of delivering high quality at value for money prices, PROACT would be happy to supply samples and quotes; please do not hesitate to email us at or call 01536 461981 for any further information.


2nd October 2013 - PROACT Receive Excellent Feedback from The Emergency Services Show 2013

The Emergency Services Show provides a unique opportunity for professionals to discuss the latest ideas and initiatives focused on improving public safety and assisting the emergency services. PROACT Medical are keen to support such a key event annually, and the feedback we have received from this year’s show confirms the success of the move to the NEC in Birmingham.

This year’s event was a busy and well attended couple of days. We exhibited the innovative Video Laryngoscope System from Intubrite. The blade utilises IntuBrite’s patented dual light sources, a standard white LED teamed with a secondary UV light source, to deliver a unique view of the airway.
The show provided an excellent opportunity to catch up with clinicians and technicians and let them view first hand the enhanced vision and reliability that the VLS offers. Click here to view the VLS product brochure

We also issued a ‘drop test’ challenge to visitors to our stand, demonstrating the build quality of the Nonin Onyx finger oximeters by repeatedly dropping them from waist height and suggesting they ask other exhibitors to do the same.  The 5 year ‘drop inclusive’ warranty which covers the product is unique and we didn’t hear of anyone taking the challenge on!  See the tests run for yourself by clicking here

We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at The Emergency Services Show 2014. Keep checking our events page for further details and follow us on twitter for event announcements.


19th September 2013- A Versatile Wrist-worn Pulse Oximeter for Unmatched Performance and Value

As the official UK distributor of Nonin Pulse Oximetry, PROACT Medical are pleased to announce the availability of the updated Nonin 3150 WristOx2 Pulse Oximeter.

Easy to use, convenient, lightweight and compact the 3150 WirstOx2 Pulse Oximeter is the most advanced and versatile wrist-worn Oximetry device on the market. Exciting enhancements make the 3150 WristOx2 ideal for daily activity monitoring, walk tests and overnight studies, the reliable WristOx2 is unobtrusive and comes supplied with a soft silicone sensor for maximum patient comfort.

Nonin’s innovation has led to the development of nVISION, a data management software package, which makes for an easy oximetry reporting solution. Designed to provide effortless viewing, professional analysis, report generation and reliable data storage, the powerful nVISION software package is a cost effective solution and available alongside the Nonin 3150 WristOx2 Pulse Oximeter.

Added benefits of the 3150 WristOx2;

  • Convenient Data Transfer – Transfer data securely to nVISION via Bluetooth wireless or USB connection; eliminating the inconvenience of bulky cables and provides patients with increased comfort and independence – making it ideal for ambulatory monitoring.
  • Software Support – Advanced features such as 6 Minute Walk Test  (6MWT) or overnight sleep reporting available when used with nVISION
  • Design Updates – Small size wears like a watch with large LCD display screen and enhanced sensor connector design
  • Versatility – The 3150 WristOx2 is an ideal choice for multiple applications where small portable oximetry is needed
  • Powerful Battery – 48 hours of battery life (non-Bluetooth), 24 hours with continuous Bluetooth using two AAA alkaline batteries
  • Enhanced Memory – 1,080 hours of non-volatile memory at a four-second sampling rate with additional high resolution variable sampling options of one or two seconds
  • Proven PureSAT Pulse Oximetry Technology – Fast and accurate response for capturing events in challenging conditions such as motion and low perfusion

PROACT are so confident of the reliability and durability of the Nonin 3150 WirstOx2 Pulse Oximeter that we offer a unique 5 year ‘drop inclusive’ warranty.

Until the end of December 2013, we are offering a 10% discount on the WristOx2.  In addition, customers buying five or more 3150’s will receive a free of charge nVision data download kit.

All the oximetry products supplied by PROACT are type tested to meet and exceed the requirements of ISO 9919:2005 standard for pulse oximetry safety and performance. Testing videos are available to view here or please call 01536 461981 for further information or to request a quotation.



18th September 2013 - Coffee Morning for Macmillian Cancer Support

PROACT held a Coffee Morning to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, and as the World's Biggest Coffee Morning we decided what better way than to use our baking skills and sell some cakes! We had some delicious cakes and all of them completely sold out by the end of the day!

Macmillan is a fantastic charity which does amazing work providing help for people living with cancer. For more information on the Coffee Morning fundraising event or Macmillian please visit here.



9th September 2013 - New additions to PROACT's Blood Pressure and Temperature Monitoring Range


New to PROACT Medical’s Blood Pressure Monitoring and Temperature Monitoring range are Bokang products. Bokang are one of the main manufacturers of digital blood pressure monitors, environmental-protection type mercury-free sphygmomanometer, aneroid /mercury sphygmomanometer and Stethoscopes, and PROACT are pleased to now include several Bokang products in their ranges.

All of Bokang sphygs have large, easy to read, displays and contain precision mechanisms to ensure fast and accurate readings are available to the clinician.  They are manufactured to meet all applicable British, European and International standards in a facility certified to meet the criteria of ISO 13485.

The BK2012 Palm Type Aneroid Sphyg, for example, features:

  • Bright, easy to read, dial surface housed in tough ABS plastic

  • One handed control for easy air release with either hand

  • Compact enough to carry in zip-up case supplied

  • Measurement Range: 0-300mmHg

  • Accurate to ±3mmHg

  • 1 year warranty

The Bokang sphygs range covers most BP monitoring applications with a choice of hand held, desk or stand mounted models and includes a mercury free electronic sphyg too.

Also from Bokang and new to the PROACT Temperature Monitoring range is the non-contact infrared Forehead Thermometer.

This is a non-invasive method of measuring temperature via infrared technology. With two measuring modes; (Body Temperature and Surface/Ambient), this thermometer is trouble-free to use - simply point and press within 2-5cms of the patients forehead for a reading to be given.  This thermometer also comes with a battery saving component which automatically turns the thermometer off after 7 seconds.

There is also no need for probe covers like most thermometers, which eliminates ongoing costs and also increases infection control.

Please do not hesitate to email us at or call 01536 461981 for samples, further information or to request a quotation.


23rd August 2013 - PROACT on YouTube

PROACT Medical are pleased to announce our new YouYube channel.

Available to view is a demonstration on the new Metal Max 100 LpEx Dual Purpose Laryngoscope Blade presented by the inventor of the blade, Dr Ashfaque.

Also on our channel is an introduction to the main differences and advantages between the Conventional (ISO 7376/1) and Green (ISO 7376/3) Laryngoscope systems.

Visit our channel here for updates, information and demonstrations on our products and ranges!



14th August 2013 - PROACT's LpEx Dual Purpose Blade Now Available on NHS Supply Chain

PROACT Medical Ltd are pleased to introduce the innovative new LpEx Dual Purpose Laryngoscope Blade.

The patented LpEx dual purpose blade is designed to offer not only routine tracheal intubation but also to assist the safe placement of gastric tubes. The blade has a rounded concave groove to the underside of the blade, which is designed to accommodate and maintain in the midline an existing in place ETT, whilst offering a clearly illuminated view of the Hypopharynx. The gastric tube can then be passed with much greater ease and safety under direct vision.

LpEX blades are available direct from PROACT and are also now included on the NHS Supply Chain airway management framework agreement. For a demonstration video presented by the inventor of the blade, Dr Ashfaque, please visit here or call us on 01536 461981 for samples or to request a quotation.


1st August 2013 - Nonin 9590 Going to Extremes to Understand Critical Illness

Five years on from the first Caudwell Xtreme Everest research expedition, PROACT Medical are pleased to offer continuing support to the project, aimed at extending our understanding of high-altitude physiology and using this knowledge to improve survival rates in hospitals.

Xtreme Everest is a dedicated team of intensive care doctors, nurses and scientists. They conduct experiments on themselves and other volunteers at high altitude in order to develop novel therapies to improve the survival rates of patients. Because it is very difficult to study patients in intensive care units, not least because they are so ill, the team volunteer themselves as subjects.

In order to simulate the critical conditions of intensive care, the team first went to Everest, the world's highest mountain, in 2007. The oxygen levels on the summit are a third of those at sea level - similar to those experienced by patients in intensive care. The team even performed tests on themselves in the "Death Zone" at an altitude where there is barely enough oxygen to support life. This year, volunteer groups joining Xtreme Everest scientists will include twins, children, Sherpas and previous volunteers.

PROACT have supplied seventy-five Nonin 9590 Onyx Vantage Fingertip Pulse Oximeters for the expedition. This was the ideal choice as the system is;

  • Highly accurate, especially in conditions of low perfusion or motion
  • User friendly with an auto on/off function
  • Ergonomically designed with an LED display for total clarity
  • Easily positioned on fingers, thumbs or toes of small children to large adults (8mm to 26mm finger thickness)
  • Efficient with up to 6000 spot checks from two AAA batteries
  • Robust enough to be covered by a five year ‘drop inclusive’ warranty

All the oximetry products supplied by PROACT are type tested to meet and exceed the requirements of ISO 9919:2005 standard for pulse oximetry safety and performance. Testing videos are available to view here or please call 01536 461981 for further information or to request a quotation.



1st August 2013 - PROACT Medical Launches Antimicrobial Anesthetic Tray Range

We are pleased to announace that we have launched our Antimicrobial Anaesthetic Tray with Biomaster® Protection.

Comprising three individual troughs to assist safe picking and storing of instruments, syringes and drug vials, each has ridged handles ensure a firm grip and they are constructed from high impact polystyrene with Biomaster® built-in antimicrobial protection.
Designed for the hygiene critical environments of the dental surgery and operating theatre, they are single use and the added benefit of the antimicrobial imprint helps to avoid infection risks associated with the re-use of such trays whilst also saving cleaning time.

The trays are supplied clinically clean to eliminate sterile shelf life issues

According to Philip Sharman, Director of Quality at PROACT, “Our primary aim is to deliver high quality products at unbeatable prices. So, we work closely with clinicians and medical professionals throughout the healthcare industry to ensure our products exceed the needs of the clinician and the patient. The antimicrobial benefit provided by Biomaster® in our anaesthetic tray does exactly that.”

Biomaster® works to kill bacteria in three ways. Silver ions built into the surface of the product bind to the bacteria cell wall preventing growth; they stop bacteria from producing energy and interrupt the DNA preventing replication. If a bacteria cell cannot grow, produce energy or replicate, it dies.

Biomaster® protected products are independently tested to ISO 22196:2011 (for non-porous surfaces) and ISO 20743:2007 (for porous surfaces) and typically achieve a reduction in bacteria of greater than 99%.

The Biomaster® additive is inorganic and becomes an integral part of the anaesthetic tray so it won’t leach out or be washed off. Visit our online shop for costs and further details.


23rd July 2013 - A&D Blood Pressure Monitors Summer Promotion


PROACT are pleased to announce a Summer promotion on a selection A&D Blood Pressure Monitors which are now available online.

The UA-631 Easy One Step Blood Pressure Monitor incorporates a robust set of features while still only weighing 447g. The Easy One Step monitor is fully automatic and inflates to the correct pressure each time a measurement is taken, making it ideal for home users.

The UA-787 Plus Automatic Digital NIBP Monitor with Fuzzy Logic, has a large LCD screen making it simple to read.  It has a 60-memory recall with averaging as well as date and time stamps and a reminder function which make it easy for you to keep track of your blood pressure measurements.  This BPM was the first monitor to be released with the Irregular Heartbeat function and also comes with a newly designed e-cuff (easy cuff).

Along with the UA-767 Plus 30, these monitors are supplied with a 5 year warranty and are also clinically validated by the BHS (British Hypertension Society). Visit our online shop for exclusive prices which are valid until the end of August.


23rd July 2013 - Cheetah Disposable Sets


We are pleased to announce that the disposable sensor sets for use with the Cheetah NICOM haemodynamic monitor are now available via NHS Supply Chain, making them even easier for customers who have purchased units to order.  The NPC codes for these are as follows:

NPC Code Part Number Description
FJA336 CH-PCMEN25 Disposable Sensor Sets for Cheetah NICOM - Box of 25
FJA337 CH-PCMEN200 Disposable Sensor Sets for Cheetah NICOM - Box of 100


The Cheetah NICOM delivers real-time insight to enable fluid management, in both conscious and unconscious patients undergoing surgery.  Used pre- and post-operatively, haemodynamic monitoring has been shown to enhance recovery and reduce hospital stay and the NICOM was one of the technologies listed in the NTAC fluid management adoption pack.  For more details, please visit our NICOM resource centre or contact us for a demo.


10th June 2013 - PROACT at the ESA 2013


PROACT have been really busy with exhbitions recently and had a great time at the Euroanaesthesia show in Barcelona last weekend. The ninth annual meeting of the ESA was very well attended and Intubrite's innovative Video Laryngoscope System continued to pull in the crowds at our stand. The IntuBrite VLS kits offer a variety of near high definition screens with flexible mounting options and blades with the patented combination of white/UV LEDs for enhanced airway illumination and anatomical definition. Click here for an idea of the view that can be obtained or here to view the VLS product brochure.

We're very much looking forward to the rest of the shows that we have lined up for the year and hope that you can make it along to some of them! Keep checking our Events page for further details and follow us on Twitter for event announcements.


15th April 2013 - Bridge General Purpose Temperature Probes: How much could you be saving?


PROACT are pleased to announce an improvement to our very popular Bridge General Purpose Temperature Probes which are now supplied STERILE at no extra cost to the customer.

Affordable, professional and reliable, Bridge’s versatile temperature probes can be used for oral, nasal or rectal introduction, with features that again offer some distinct advantages:

  • Atraumatic shape, soft material and low friction surfaces
  • Thin outer wall allows faster reaction to changes in core temperature
  • Proven accuracy to +/- 0.01°C (measurement range 25°C to 45°C)
  • Clearly marked with graduations to assist and confirm correct positioning
  • YSI 400 series thermistors for maximum compatibility
  • Latex Free, STERILE and single patient use for maximum safety

Bridge General Purpose Temperature Probes are available in Paediatric (9Fr) and Standard (12Fr) sizes in boxes of 50.   Quality Interface Cables are also available for all major manufacturer’s monitors, incubators and patient warmers for total compatibility.

Aware of the increasing pressure on NHS Budgets, PROACT will begin rolling out the new Sterile Sensors at no additional cost to the customer, in addition to offering free of charge interface cables with commitment volumes and volume discounts.

PROACT’s temperature monitoring range also includes skin contact temperature probes and two way Foley catheters with temp probes, both of which are also supplied sterile.   Please find full information at under Temperature Monitoring.

These products are available either Direct, from NHS Supply Chain, and from other official PROACT Distribution Partners in Northern Ireland, the Irish Republic and Europe-wide.

Please do not hesitate to email us at or call 01536 461981 for samples, further information or to request a quotation.


25th March 2013 - Product Update: PRO-Breathe CPR Masks


Please be aware that the CPR masks currently available through PROACT are soon to be supplied in PRO-Breathe branded protective cases, rather than the plain ones that you are used to.

The mask inside remains exactly the same as that which you are currently taking and the case will still be a bright and easy to spot orange colour. We have issued new part numbers in order to make it easy to manage stocks and the new part numbers are shown alongside the old ones below:

New Code Old Code NHSSC NPC Description
PBRM11410 BMPN1141-12 FDD1672 PRO-Breathe CPR Mask in Hard Carry Case (Box of 12)
X1PBRM11410 BMPN-1141 FDD1672 PRO-Breathe CPR Mask in Hard Carry Case (Each)


If you're a current customer, we will be in touch to let you know when our old stock runs low so that you can update your system.

Our single use BVM manual resuscitator sets are now also available via NHS Supply Chain. The 1600ml and 1000ml bags are now supplied with two masks (adult sizes 4 & 5) and the 550ml bag now comes with three paediatric masks at no extra cost.

Please do not hesitate to email us or call 01536 461981 for samples, further information or to request a quotation for any of these.

18th March 2013 - PRO-Breathe One-Piece Anaesthetic Masks prove popular at Obstetric Anaesthestists Meeting


Many thanks to all those that visited our stand at the Obstetric Anaesthetists Meeting at Taunton Cricket ground last week.

With the event coinciding with the release of our 2013 product catalogue, the show provided the perfect opportunity for delegates to view and demo new products, such as the PRO-Breathe Disposable Anaesthetic Masks. With a one-piece anatomical design, soft-comfort seal and unique, ergonomic finger and thumb hand grips, PRO-Breathe masks are now even easier to use and more reliable than ever.

The Metal Max range of Green System Laryngoscope Blades & Handles also generated much interest at the show.