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24th - 26th October 2015 - ASA Conference and Exhibition San Diego

PROACT very sucessfully exhibited our Metal Max Disposable and Smoothline Reusable Laryngoscopes for the first time in the USA. We were very pleased with the huge interest in both ranges, especially our 4th generation Metal Max Laryngoscope range.  

Keen interest and compliments came from both Clinicians and potential distributors into the US and South American markets.  The Company plans to tie up Distribution arrangements over the coming weeks and look forward to offering our innovations into these new and very large markets.

25th September 2015 - PC-3000 Multi parameter monitor on show at 2015 Emergency Services Show.

Following the success of the launch of our 'PC-3000' monitor, we were again very excited to see one of 15 units purchased by The British Red Cross on display (as pictured) in one of their new ambulances. These units  are now standard issue for all new BRC vehicles following a highly successful evaluation by the Senior Service team at BRC. Wass Vehicles in Germany were instructed to Carry out the coachbuilding for BRC in-which Proact swiftly assisted them in being able to have this unit mounted in every single vehicle with ease. Each one of the 15 new Ambulances features the PC-3000 which monitor ECG as well as Temperature, NIBP and Sp02.  Along with the monitor we are delighted to offer a full range of accessories including both lightweight and heavy duty bags.

Contact us today for further details or to arrange a demonstration unit to be sent to you.

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