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Airway Management

At PROACT Medical, our PRO-Breathe range of airway management products cover all bases, from reusable and disposable laryngeal airways to endobronchial tubes and blockers.

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We believe every workplace should have one of these amazing devices that allow you to perform CPR whilst minimizing the risk of cross-infection - the perfect addition to any first aid kit.

Offering a reliable and cost-effective solution for improved patient safety, designed for transport trollies and emergency vehicles. 

Choose from a variety of manual suction pumps, tubes and handles. 

At PROACT we supply a vast range of PRO-Breath ET Tubes, cuffed and uncuffed, specifically designed for ease during intubation. 

PRO-Breath Guedel Airways are available in a variety of sizes which are colour coded making size selection simple. 

Our Laryngeal Airways are purchasable in reusable and disposable options, in a variety of sizes and with the choice of ArmourFlex™ tubing. 

Take a look at our PRO-Breathe Oxygen Masks.

Choose from four sizes of Nasopharyngeal Airways. 

View our new and improved Endobronchial Tubes. 

Available in Mask or Mouthpiece options, includes 6ml nebulizer and 2.1m crush resistant oxygen tubing.

Our BVM sets come with a choice of 3 soft adjustable air cushions for superb seal and patient comfort and are supplied bagged and compacted, ready for use.

As an anaesthetist giving sedation in Dental practices, I wanted to upgrade my monitoring to include capnography. I received excellent advice from PROACT Medical and purchased a Creative PC-900B. I am so pleased with it. It’s small and compact to carry around and so easy to use. Thank you, PROACT.

Dr Rex Yetton

Our PROACT Rep is always responsive and flexible with our training requests meets our Trust requirements for training and new device implementations also friendly, and effective.

J.B -  Medical Training.