NEW PROACT Statement regarding Brexit- 11th November 2018


Please see the following details of measures/plans that have been taken by Proact Medical UK to counter any adverse effects of BREXIT 2019.

PROACT has had a clear strategy to extended forward currency purchases to minimise the effect of currency fluctuations and therefore minimise any price increases to our customer base.

PROACT has also increased safety stocks of products up to and during the transitional phase to mitigate potential shipping delays even though most products are imported directly from outside the EU, our normal stock holding for Medical consumables of 3-4 months has therefore been increased to 6 months at least until the end of 2019 where it will be reviewed again at this point.

Regarding our EU customer base, Proact has a majority owned French sister Company PROACT Medical SAS which can be used to warehouse and provide product logistics to the EU markets should there be disruption of market access due to Brexit.

As previously stated most products within our portfolio are sourced from outside the EU.

The Directors



NEW ToxCO Training Video - 14th May 2018


The ToxCO® is a carbon monoxide (CO) breath analyser to screen for CO poisoning. An ideal tool for emergency services and first responders, the ToxCO® is a quick, easy, reliable and completely non-invasive way to screen for the concentration of CO in patients. Saving lives, one breath at a time


Tel: 01536 461981

NEW ToxCO Carbon Monoxide Monitor - 11th October 2017

The ToxCO® is a carbon monoxide (CO) breath analyser to screen for CO poisoning. An ideal tool for emergency services and first responders, the ToxCO® is a quick, easy, reliable and completely non-invasive way to screen for the concentration of CO in patients. Saving lives, one breath at a time

- Large Easy to Use Touchscreen Interface

- Instantly screen for Carbon monoxide Poisoning

- Also checks ambient CO Levels

For further information please contact us.

Tel: 01536 461981

NEW PROACT ET Tube Holder - 11th October 2017


Designed with a screw bite block to secure and stabilise the position of various sizes of adult and paediatric Endotracheal tubes. The wide padded strap is comfortable but holds firm even when wet.  Eliminating the use of tape and to allow healthcare providers to minimise complications and maximise patient comfort.  The opening on the ET tube holder allows easy access for suctioning and gives a view of the patients mouth and lip colour.

A significant feature of an endotracheal tube holder is stabilization, and this component can help secure the tube in place after insertion.  Once the ET Tube is placed in the patient’s airway it is important to have a reliable ET Tube securing device at hand to assure that the tube remains secure and prevents accidental extubation.

The unique developments made in endotracheal tube holders allow medical professionals to minimize complications and harm as well as improve patient results.

For Further information please contact us.

Tel: 01536 461981

22nd June 2017 - 2017/18 PROACT Catalogue

PROACT are pleased to announce that our new 2017/18 UK Medical & EMS catalogue is now available.
With easy to use colour coded sections, it introduces many new products which have been incorporated into our already extensive range and contains as many price reductions as possible.

With a huge selection of PROACT products available through NHS Supply Chain, the PROACT 2017/18 catalogue also features a user friendly NHS Supply Chain NPC code index to make ordering easy.

For a free of charge hard copy, please contact a member of our Customer Service Team on

01536 461981 or download here.

1st May 2017 - Fair Tax

Fair Tax is about showing responsibility for and being upfront about your company’s taxation and policy.

It also demonstrates the willingness of a company to contribute to the government’s payment obligations, welfare state, and its many services. PROACT Medical are proud to be part of this.

For More Information on Fair Tax please visit:

4th April 2017 - Hot Off The Press!

Following a successful integration of the Creative PC- 68B Oximeter with the latest technology developed by some of the team at the University of Oxford, we are delighted to hear that the team at John Radcliffe Hospital are using this new peripheral as part of 6 minute walk tests.

To read the article:

For further Information Contact:



14th Octoberl 2016 - Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth® Smart Wireless Technology

PROACT are pleased to offer, the Nonin 3240 Finger Pulse Oximeter, that measures arterial blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate with Nonin's clinically proven PureSAT® pulse oximetry technology. The device is designed to help clinicians and their patients with challenging respiratory conditions like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) to proactively identify issues for early intervention and avoid re-hospitalization.

The 3240 has wireless Bluetooth® technology that enables clinicians to remotely (up to 10m 32ft) view their patients SpO2 in real-time on an Apple smart device.  

For further information, please contact us
Download the brochure or visit the store

14th Octoberl 2016 - Bexamed

We are particularly pleased to present our new Waterstop® product line from Bexamed Gmbh.  For many years Bexamed have been supplying a tried and trusted collection of emergency medical bags.  With our new Waterstop® range our focus is on bringing the existing models to a new quality level by introducing innovative material and superior workmanship to meet the challenges of the most demanding environments.

Waterstop Emergency bags are available in a choice of wipe down PVC and polyester fabric. The fabric bags are impregnated with a permanent Teflon shield. Each bag is waterproof and dustproof, heavy duty with extra strong pullers and guarantee a smooth safe and fast access.

Find out more about the range, contact us directly for pricing information or download the brochure

15th July 2016 - NEW Veinlite Vein Finder Range


PROACT are happy to introduce our new range of Veinlite Vein Finders.

Veinlite Vein Finders deliver superior vein imaging in a unique and innovative form factor that delivers greater accuracy at a fraction of the cost of other brands.

Find out more about the range here or contact us directly for pricing information of if you would like to arrange a trial or demonstration


17th June 2016 - HEINE Laryngoscopes

PROACT are pleased to announce that we are now the official UK distributor for the Heine Laryngoscope range, available for immediate delivery.

For more details, or specific requirements contact us

6th June 2016 - A&D Medical Products


PROACT are pleased to announce that we have once again been chosen as a supplier of A&D Medical products on the NHS Supply Chain Patient Assessment Devices framework agreement.

We are extremely happy to offer their new range of Professional Blood Pressure Products which are all Mercury-Free. Replacing Mercury Blood Pressure Monitors with alternative and reliable Mercury-Free devices will be a significant issue for all daily users. A&D is responding to the 'Minamata Convention on Mercury', and has developed a series of new blood pressure monitors, the UM Series, designed specifically for healthcare professionals.  Please click here for further product information and to view the UM Series video.

We are currently offering a 5% summer discount on A&D NIBP Monitors. All products are available on our PROSHOP and are also available through the NHSSC Catalogue.



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